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  Posted on: Sunday, November 18, 2018
November 2018

I wanted to update you on another wonderful conference that came and went so quickly this year.  From all of the feedback we have received from the attendees, I am honored to say this has been one of the best received and highest rated overall conference we have had in recent years.  We were blessed to have some of the best speakers both domestically and internationally present this September.  Also, overall your feedback about the venue and speakers indicated you were pleased with the conference.  As it goes with any conference and trying to appease over 500 attendees, not everything will be perfect and not everyone will have everything their hearts desired, however for the majority; it was well received.  So, if there were any missteps or unforeseen circumstances, we can improve on some of these minor issues next year as we head to Monterey, Ca. 


I also wanted to take a moment to thank and acknowledge the CAHN Board who worked endless hours to ensure everything would be completed in a timely manner to make the conference happen.  It is very difficult to put into words the amount of time, work and sacrifices the CAHN Board makes in order to select the best speakers, working with hotels to accomplish every aspect of logistics, and to ensuring the right products are purchased so that the CAHN Members can be set up to receive the best training possible.  The planning for the 2019 Conference in Monterey, California is in full effect.  We have already had several Board members who have traveled to other conferences throughout the country to vet out potential speakers.  I am excited for the year ahead and look forward to a wonderful conference.    


As we begin to close out another year, I would be remised to not recognize the events that have unfolded thus far in our personal and professional lives.  Every time we turn around, we are reminded by almost every media venue how terrible the state of our country or community is.  We were also reminded of all of the atrocities that have unfolded from all of the shootings, political crisis, fires, floods and every other natural or man-made disaster.  And through all of the chaos, crisis and uncertainty, I am still confident that as long as we have men and women like you serving our communities, we can maintain some level of sanity in these "insane" times.  The perceived notion of insanity during these times can appear as if it’s an unrealistic reality.  However, keep in mind that, that's when you are often called in to help.  You are called upon to bring balance and peace to an otherwise unrealistic individuals with preconceived notions of what our job should be.  So, to you I say thank you for keeping up the good fight because the fight is far from over.  Through all of your hard work and dedication to your communities and this country, we can say that we have done the best with what we had.  And as far everything else goes, there is always tomorrow because we will continue to hold the line for as long as it is needed.  Thank you for all that you do and stay safe. 

Til we meet again,

Vinny Ginda


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