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  Posted on: Thursday, August 8, 2019
August 2019 PreConference

Dear CAHN Members,

I hope this message finds all of you well and in good spirits.  It is quite amazing to think we are already into August of 2019; some of us wonder where the time has actually gone.  I wanted to assure you and let you know our CAHN Conference scheduled for September 30 to October 4th is also fast approaching and filling up quickly.  I believe from my last check in, we are completely sold out at the CAHN rate on all of the hotel rooms at the Hyatt and Hilton. There are nearby hotels with availability but none that we have contracted with for special pricing. If you have not reserved your hotel for the week of the conference as well as the registration, I recommend doing so soon.  The venue in Monterey is going to provide a wonderful opportunity to see everyone once again.  


I also want to take a moment to encourage all of you to stay positive amongst the terrible news reports we are exposed to on a daily basis; everything from active shooters taking innocent lives, to officer's being injured in the line of duty, and all of the other chaos around us.  I want you to know that we must remain vigilant in the good fight and not lose hope even though things may seem hopeless.  When we look out and see media reporting such terrible news all of the time, we often wonder what has our society come to?  Now more than ever, the ability to be an efficient and effective crisis manager is a highly valued skill to possess.  When people fail at their basic skills of dealing with problems, they rely on First Responders to handle their crisis.  The CAHN Conference, which provides such a diverse set of speakers, case debriefs and various training opportunities will prepare us for the numerous critical incidents that occur in our world today.  I'm thankful and blessed to be a part of this organization at a time when there are so many questions and very few answers. It's times like this we can depend on one another to come up with a possible solution for a better outcome. 


Remain safe and til we meet again. 

Vinny Ginda


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