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  Posted on: Monday, June 29, 2020
July 2020

Dear CAHN Members,


I must say that my thoughts and prayers are with each of you.  The toll you and your agencies must be feeling during these times is unimaginable.  So, before I share any further thoughts, I want each of you to know that our Annual CAHN Conference scheduled for September 28 to October 2 is still on and I hope to see you there.  Your CAHN Board is working tirelessly to ensure we have some of the best presentations and speakers lined up.  So please continue to register and plan to attend a conference that will be much needed after everything that is transpiring in our country.  


As we continue to progress through the year, we are only halfway through.  Based on all of the events that have unfolded locally, nationally, and worldwide it feels as though we have lived five years even though it's only been six months.  I thought of many things that could be said right now of our profession.  However, the one consistent message I want to continue to adhere too is that ¨This Too Shall Pass¨.  I know that it may seem difficult to accept that ideal, however in times like these we must rise to the occasion rather than letting these moments define who we really are.  Although our profession of law enforcement and public service is in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, it also allows us to pause to see the greater good in all of the chaos around us.  At this moment, I truly believe we can grow in ways where we can be unified.  We all took an oath to protect and serve and to never run from chaos.  Rather we all made a choice when we joined this profession and put on that uniform, badge, and duty belt to protect and serve in all circumstances.  Although our badge may have been tarnished by the few who do not truly adhere to the values instilled in us when sworn to honor and stand as the Thin Blue Line.  Those of you who are still standing strong and holding the line will survive and continue the service for the greater good.  And that ¨Greater Good¨ is our commitment to our communities and country to serve in a way that is morally, ethically, and with the highest standards applied to do our job.  


Between all of the publicity and cries for change, it may be difficult to maintain a level of morale to see any good in these times.  Please remember that if any good is to come out of these chaotic times, we should not be afraid to ask the difficult questions or to engage in difficult conversations even though they may be painful.  Because remember at the end of the day we´ve never given up or quit because things got hard.  Nor did we sign up to do this job for the money or the glory.  We all signed up to do a job with the best of intentions and a heart for public service.  So, I ask each of you to lean on one another, give each other a helping hand even though it may not be needed or asked for.  Simply being present and standing tall in the face of adversity will result in helping us grow in ways once thought impossible.  Someone once said ¨Strength doesn´t come from what you can do.  It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn´t.¨ Our profession has never been challenged or taken to task as it has today.  In a way, we can all learn from those we serve, and hopefully, those we serve will see and accept that the person behind the badge is not perfect.  Rather humans and willing to learn to be more effective so that we can all continue to do what is asked of us.  


¨Phir Melange Dost¨

Till We Meet Again My Friend

Arvinder “Vinny” Ginda

CAHN President

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