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  Posted on: Friday, November 11, 2016
November 2016


I hope this message finds you all well.  With this national election behind us we hopefully can begin to focus on the matters at hand making our jobs safer than they have been recent months.


I would like to take this time to give a huge thanks to Missy Morris for her organization for this year’s conference.  It was an amazing week of training and hope you all gleaned the information and lessons taught by our instructors.  In reviewing the comments from the completed surveys, it appears everyone enjoyed their time both in and outside of conference.  We hear your requests for not only more debriefs, but debriefs from within the state.  Realize we are constantly monitoring the news channels about current incidents as they occur and reaching out to agencies within California to bring those incidents to you.  This process takes time as most times it has to wind its way through the court system, then someone has to compose the presentation and, in most cases get approval from their agency to present the incident.  Unfortunately, we have to reach out to our sister associations for new training topics and presenters from time to time to bring you quality speakers.  The membership has provided some outstanding drawings/doodles again for us this year, thank you all for sharing your talent.


 I know there were some complaints about the temperature in the room.  This is just a reminder that in a room that large with a large group, trying to regulate the temperature is difficult at best.  Our best effort is to keep the room cool as it is much easier to keep the room cool than to turn up the temperature and then attempt to reduce the temperature again.  I also hear you that you would like the coffee service to last longer, an issue that I will be looking into for the future.  There were a couple of comments about an offensive t-shirt from the vendor concerning the “black rifles matter” shirt.  Please know it was not our intent to offend anyone.  The vendors pay a fee to be at the conference so it is hard to monitor the items that are being sold.  Having said that, it was not brought to anyone’s attention on the board that I know during the conference.  It was not addressed until the evaluations were turned in at the end of the week.  If a board member was advised, we would do our very best to see if we could rectify the issue at the time.  So please, in the future, notify a board member so we can address the problem at the time it is occurring. 


The Embassy Suites have been a great friend to CAHN, much like the Hyatt has been to us in the past, and taken great care of us while we have been with them for the past 4 years.  While there have been some glitches along the way, they have been very attentive to your needs.  I would like to extend a thank you to Jessica Haydis, Erica Perez, Stephanie Koch and their staff for taking good care of us during our time there.  We are off to Reno for 2017 and looking back to locations in southern California, and hopefully back to a north south rotation.  Suggestions are always appreciated.


Lastly, Elections are coming for several positions, both on the state and region boards.  Our board is composed of current, in the field law enforcement and some are retired from their agencies.  I believe all provide valuable insight and assistance to providing the membership with an organization to be proud to be a member of and an organization that strives to provide invaluable training.  Having both points of view, I believe, gives our association the dedication and determination to continue moving forward to provide relevant trainings and presentations.   It is also great to see our membership interested in running for the open positions as it will be good to have some new faces on board.  The association is yours and in order to continue to provide beneficial training at both the regional and state level, it is important you get involved.  Aside from running for a board position, voting is the next best way to be involved.


As always, this is your association, please contact myself, or any other board member with any concerns you may have so we may deal with them in a timely manner. 


Matt Thomas


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